If you are a lover of street art, Melbourne can be a great destination for you. Among other great things, Melbourne has world class street art. Even if you are not a big fan of graffiti, your visit to Melbourne will be incomplete without visiting some graffiti hot spots. In fact, Melbourne is known for individuality and creativity and many places even have their own graffiti art indoors or in their homes! In this post, we will show you some great places in Melbourne where you can enjoy world class street art.

Hosier Lane

Melbourne has many street art laneways, and hosier Lane is one of the most famous. This laneway is a great example of street art, and tourists from many countries come to see this cobbled stone lane. Here you will find murals and other types of graffiti. From grates to stairwells, everything there is adorned. Visitors like this lane for another reason: this is a great place for taking selfies.

Caledonian Lane

This little laneway is situated between Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke. History was born on this lane. This is the birthplace of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, an internationally acclaimed music fest. You may not find the graffiti along this lane bold and substantial, but you will come across some amazing pieces here and there. To many people, Melbourne is known for artistic and underground things, and Caledonian Lane will show you this face of the city.

Degraves Street

This dark, grungy and fabulous lane is lined with some cafes, and people gather there drinking coffee and wine. You will find a lot of street art in Degraves Lane, a reminder of Diagon Alley. This fantastic streetscape can be enjoyed while walking along the street or sitting on a chair. There are some good cafes and bars, and you will like their services. If you are a lover of street art, this place will amaze you.

Union Lane

This long and narrow laneway is situated in the middle of the main shopping precinct of CBD, and it connects Little Collins Street with Bourke Street Mall. Numerous beautiful graffiti fill the lane. You can spend some quality art here walking along the lane and admiring the work of a Melbourne artist. But don't limit yourself to the streets of Melbourne. Sure the streets are probably the best place to explore and discover amazing street. However there are many pubs, bars, shops and even some suburban homes have graffiti artist Melbourne add some exciting wall murals to liven up the atmosphere and give that taste of street style art indoors. So if it's not a great day to go walking around the streets, pop into somewhere more cosy and you'll likely still experience some graffiti art and knowing Melbourne's weather you'll be able to walk the streets again after a quick drink.

AC/DC Lane

AC/DC is a famous rock band, and this lane is named after the band. This is another street art lane, and you must check it out if you go to Melbourne. In the area, there are plenty of bars and cafes, so you will enjoy drinking a cup of coffee and admiring the art. If you want to have a cocktail or a craft beer, you will not have to go far. There are some good bars down the laneway. Even if you are not a huge fan of AC/DC, do not forget to pay tribute to this band by visiting this lane.

Rutledge Lane

Rutledge Lane is another lane within Hosier Lane itself. You can wander through this crescent shaped lane and reach Hosier Lane through it. If your goal is to enjoy street art, you must visit this lane. Rutledge Lane’s impressive street art will make you happy in no time. A few years ago, the walls of Rutledge Lane were covered over, and soon they were filled up again by street artists. Looking at some of the walls, you will wonder how the artists reached such heights of the walls.

Finlay Alley

Finlay Alley is another great place to enjoy street art. This alley is situated between Queen Street and Lonsdale Street. Although this alley is not visited by many tourists, you will find some excellent murals and street art here. Located between Elizabeth Street and Queen Street, this alley was named after contractor John Finlay in 1870. Check out this place when you are on your street art tour.

There are heaps more locations to view graffiti art all around Melbourne and it's best to go and explore yourself. Get lost in the backstreets and laneways of Melbourne and you will surely see some fantastic street art. Even if you pop into some bars or restaurants you will notice graffiti art on some of the walls!